Tips to Tackle Epoxy Garage Flooring

Painting a garage floor with epoxy paint kits is a common solution to improve the look and durability of your flooring. This is a very cheap, do-it-yourself method, and is typically easy to execute. This article will outline the steps involved so you can get the most desirable results from this project!
First, you will need various tools and materials. These are very cheap and can also be found at your local hardware store. You will need a paint roller, extension, paint brushes, push broom, the two-part epoxy paint kit, concrete floor patch, and a degreaser. This project will probably take about two days out of your time to complete.

Take these steps to produce a beautiful and durable garage floor!

  1. Moisture check- verify you have no dampness issues that can possibly lift the epoxy coatings from the surface. If you see any signs of water, consult a professional first.
  2. Temperature check- it should be 60 degrees outside if you want the paint to set properly. Don’t start unless your conditions are appropriate.
  3. Materials- use our article and double check you have the right materials for the job!
  4. Clean it out- make sure everything is spotless and clean. Otherwise, the paint will make the dirt and grime stick to the floor forever.
  5. Degrease- it’s also important to get rid of the grease and oil stains that may be around the garage floor. Make sure you tackle these issues prior to getting started.
  6. Wash thoroughly- once you’re happy with the way your floors look, give it a final wash with the mop and soap water. Let the liquid dry before getting ready to paint.
  7. Pre-treatment- an etch pre-treatment should be applied to the floor prior to painting. This helps open up the concrete’s “pores” so to speak. Let it dry.
  8. Patching- also, patch the cracks and holes prior to so that your floor is perfectly leveled and smooth.
  9. Mixing- mix the two-part epoxy paint together thoroughly.
  10. Follow directions- each epoxy kit will have different reaction times listed on the can. Follow them accordingly.
  11. Paint- paint the floor with the roller and use a brush to get the edges and small spaces.
  12. Sprinkle- sprinkle flakes to achieve that nice tile-like pattern.
  13. Let it sit- Wait for the paint to dry properly. Congratulations! You finished your own do-it-yourself garage.

If you’re starting a garage organization project, start remodeling the garage floors. Use these tips to get the best epoxy floors possible.