Different Tattoo Styles that are Common in 2017

There are many different types of styles in today’s world of tattooing. While new trends emerge, there are still many people that incorporate old, traditional styles into their works of art. People typically try to become familiar with the many different styles out there so they can get a tattoo that fits their reasoning and taste. This article will provide users with some of the most popular tattoo styles out there.

  • Tribal: One common style of tattooing that goes back many eras ago is the tribal tattoo style. These tribal tattoos utilize geometric patterns and symbols that have very precise meanings. In fact, the designs are used to tell a person’s life story through the art. It’s a very spiritual and traditional style that is still widely used today.
  • Japanese: A traditional form of Japanese tattoo artwork is known as Irezumi. This culture has been using tattoo artwork for self-expression for thousands of years. These designs are usually very large. In addition, they are often very colorful and detailed.
  • American: The traditional American artwork in the tattoo industry follows strict guidelines that make it simple to pick out of a crowd. This style incorporates bold colors but thick black outlines. Common symbolism used in this style include hearts, roses, and eagles.
  • Neo Traditional: Another popular form of tattoo work is referred to as Neo Traditional. These styles mix both modernistic styles and old-school to create their own unique art form. These works of art also encompass bold colors and black lines but also use three-dimensional forms.
  • Realistic: Realistic tattoos can be found very frequently today. This art form utilizes so much detail, the piece can appear to be a photograph rather than a simple tattoo. In this category, you can also find portrait tattoo works also. From a tattoo artist’s perspective, this style is very hard to master.

Many people are quick to ink their bodies with all the latest and greatest trends. However, if you’ve gotten a tattoo that you recently regret, you might want to consider tattoo removal procedures. Seek dermatology tattoo removal experts if you wish to obtain more information on procedures and pricing.